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Personalized printed report/book You wil receive your Feng Shui reading plus a fantastic book written by Mike Schinippering. tick tick tick
Free delivery Shipping costs are included in the price. tick2 tick2 tick2
Floor plant commented You will receive feedback, advice and comments based on Feng Shui calculations. tick tick tick
Floor plan/draw A floor plan or sketch is needed in order to determine the magnetic chi fields. tick tick tick
Year of construction The year when the building was built. tick2 tick2 tick2
Address In order to calculate the sitting and the facing. tick tick tick
Birthdate/s Birthdays of all members of the family and their names. tick2 tick2 No
Pictures Pictures are very useful to visualize the space where the consultation will take place. Recommended Recommended No
You get your consultation in... 3 days 5 days 1 week
Via email/phone Full Support before and after the consultation. 4 months 6 months 1 year
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  • "We decided to talk to Mike about our home´s energy. Surpsisingly, Mike found out that our bedroom had such a bad energy that it was affecting our health deeply. Thus, we put in practice Mike´s recommendations..." Patricia Klassen, Florida.

  • "…I was a Fengshui skeptic. I even had bad references about it. To be honest a few months ago I couldn´t have pictured myself doing a testimonial for a feng Shui consultant, but here I am. I didn´t believe on it and…" Olga Jones, Canada.

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