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  • Wealth, Health and Relationship Solutions
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  • Improve your Financial Situation
  • Apply it and Discover the Difference

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  • Awake Romance

    Attract a partner or improve your current relationships to avoid the risk of separation or divorce. Adjust the energies of your house to create a better environment to live for you and your family.

  • Improve Your Finances

    Improve your financial situation or stimulate the sale of a property. Keep your house unlocked for attracting wealth. Enhance prosperity working more efficiently and improve your motivation.

  • Take Care of your Health

    Recover from insomnia finding your supporting direction to sleep. Reduce the impact of negative energies in your health. Avoid headaches, depressions, cancer and memory problems.

  • Full advice

    A Feng Shui consultation includes full advice on which colors to use or avoid in each space of your house, supporting directions to work and sleep and much more!

  • 6 Month Support

    Includes full support before and after the consultation via email. Ask your questions and resolve all your doubts with our experts.

  • Our Guarantee

    Confidentiality. All the information provided by the client is confidential. Refund policy: We honor requests for the refund for those clients who are not satisfied with our services.

  • What You Get

    You will receive by ordinary mail your personalized book where you can find your house report along with all the recommendations, how to apply, tips, advice, …and much more!

  • Order now for $375 USD

    We accept payments via Paypal, check, credit cards and wire transfer. The payment is due only when we receive and study all the required information to conduct the audit.

  • Estimated Shipping

    Feng Shui consultations for Houses are shipped within 7 days after all the information is received. All shipping costs are included. The delivery date mainly depends on our location.

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See what our customers are saying...

Feng Shui House

See what our customers are saying...

  • "We decided to talk to Mike about our home´s energy. Surprisingly, Mike found out that our bedroom had such a bad energy that it was affecting our health deeply. Thus, we put in practice Mike´s recommendations..." Patricia Klassen, Florida.

  • "…I was a Fengshui skeptic. I even had bad references about it. To be honest a few months ago I couldn´t have pictured myself doing a testimonial for a Feng Shui consultant, but here I am. I didn´t believe on it and…" Olga Jones, Canada.

What we need to start your consultation Today is...


Exact Address

In order to start a Feng Shui analysis of your house, the first requirement is to provide us with the exact address of the building. We require this information because we will use Geo-Location tools to double check the orientation and surrounding areas of your home, which are critical to obtain a correct interpretation of your Feng Shui.

Screenshot of Crazy Egg Heatmap

Floor Plan, Orientation and Year of Construction

Then, we will need you to provide us a floor plan, year of construction, orientation and pictures of your house. Dont get overwhelmed! we don´t need a professional floor plan. In case you don´t have one, we only need you to provide us a simple drawing of your house distribution. We are sure you can do it yourself! Then, in order to get the orientation of your home, you only need to have a compass and follow the simple steps we will provide you to get the correct orientation reading of your home. This is all we need for you to do our job!

Screenshot of Crazy Egg Scrollmap

Members and Birthdays

In order to give you and your family members exact advice about the best orientation of each one to sleep, rest, work or study, we will need each one´s birthdates. This way, everyone of you can get the best energy possible at home!

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It´s time to Feng Shui your Life!

  • Increase your chances to earning more money
  • Increase the positive aspects of the energies
  • Achieve your personal goals
  • Improve your life today

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