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What We Do

Feng Shui At Work enables people to make powerful changes to improve their living and working environments through Feng Shui Consultations. We provide advice to individuals and organizations to find health, relationship and wealth solutions.


About Feng Shui at Work

  • In 1996, full of desire to build a perfect “energy efficient home”, Mike came across some literature about Feng Shui to learn that the information was contradictory in content and provided no logical advice. After having studied Feng Shui with Master Sang, whose ancestors can be traced back to ancient China, Mike was able to develop a deep belief in Feng Shui.  First hand he realized that, if applied correctly, Feng Shui really works.  In 1999, he founded a Feng Shui Consulting Firm based in Dallas, Texas. 

    Mike Schnippering has been featured on Texas Cable News (TXCN), Dallas Channel 5 and has been written up on the Dallas Morning News, Forth Worth Star Telegram, The Oklahoman, Realty Times and many more for his expert advice. In his busy schedule he always finds time answering emails related to the subject, and he stays actively involved educating people about the true meaning and benefits of Feng Shui.

    We are a global family passionately dedicated and committed to providing personal Feng Shui Consultations for people around the world.  We offer a mix of multinational backgrounds yet furthermore consist of a variety of professional backgrounds who have one thing in common: The Passion for Traditional Feng Shui!   

Meet the Team

  • Mike Schnippering

    Mike always thinks big and dreams about conquering the architectural and interior design world making Feng Shui more streamline.  At age 20, when he studied economics in Germany, he took his first steps designing furniture and helping people to affordably re-design their apartments. Mike has studied the Art and Science of Feng Shui with Master Larry Sang and furthered his education by studying the Yi Jing at the American Yi Jing Study Center with teachings based on the Yi Li School, Xiang Shui School, the Daoist School and the Zhan Bu School. Mike’s discipline is scientific and methodical unlike many other approaches that are based on superstition. From 2000 to 2004 Mike was a Member of the American Feng Shui Society. 

  • Angela Ramirez

    Angela Ramirez is the sunshine of the team. She is the go-to woman when it comes to our Spanish speaking clients.  She is our all-star Feng Shui Consultant working out of our offices either in Bogota, Colombia or Madrid, Spain.  While you are reading this, she has probably talked to numerous customers helping them with decisions on Feng Shui designs, and has analyzed their desires and found out about their latest haircuts.  But you do not have to worry.  She can keep a secret.

  • Marta Superti

    This woman can not be stopped!  Not only is she the head of our office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but she is also the one who can make your home a dream home through her architectural designs. Marta designs and remodels homes and apartments in Buenos Aires and her knowledge of Feng Shui is unmatched. And if there is just one thing to the dislike of her customers, she would tear everything into pieces and start all over again.  However, Marta is still the nicest women you could ever meet. 

  • Manuel Gil

    Every modern company needs that one guy that has seen it all before. Manuel knows everything about the cloud and the right server setup.  He has become indispensable to us as he manages our marketing campaigns.  He is always the one when it comes to implementing the latest technology. Sometimes Manuel dreams in blogs and speaks in SEO language. 

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