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  • "We decided to talk to Mike about our home´s energy. Surprisingly, Mike found out that our bedroom had such a bad energy that it was affecting our health deeply. Thus, we put in practice Mike´s recommendations..." Patricia Klassen, Florida.

  • "…I was a Feng Shui skeptic. I even had bad references about it. To be honest a few months ago I couldn´t have pictured myself doing a testimonial for a Feng Shui consultant, but here I am. I didn´t believe in it and…" Olga Jones, Canada.

  • For Houses

    Awake Romance, Improve Your Finances and Take Care of your Health. Adjust the energies of your house to create a better environment to live for you and your family.

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    An apartment decorated and designed according to Feng Shui principles will help you and your family to achieve a happier and healthier environment.

  • For Commercial Spaces

    Boost your Sales, Productivity and Motivation with Feng Shui. Create a healthy environment for employees and customers alike.